cobk-v4wiaa88fkFace: CLASSIC HOLLYWOOD
Distinguishing features: INTEGRITY
Attainability: YOU WISH

Vice President Biden has been quite remarkable to observe over the last eight years. He is kind, and emotionally smart, and a loyal friend and ally to President Obama; but moreover he is just truly, truly decent. He has always been decent. His role as a father and grandfather is the most important thing to him, and he brought his young sons up alone after his wife and baby daughter were tragically killed in a car accident. Finding new happiness after five years of extreme loneliness following his wife’s death, Biden remarried and had another daughter. He and his second wife have now been married for over forty years. In an incredibly cruel twist of fate, his son Beau died of brain cancer at the age of forty six. Joe Biden has spoken so eloquently and honestly about these traumas, and has shown such obvious love and respect for his good friend Barack, that it can only be a truly positive example to all men and boys around the world. He is a strong LGBTQ supporter and collaborator, a proud feminist, a champion for human rights, an honest and emotional orator, and a fucking good man. We will miss you as Vice President, Joe.

(For Sharmila xxx)

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