Body: JOCK
Personality: UP 4 IT
Distinguishing features: STARRY LINEAGE
Attainability: GOOD?

Have you seen Ballers yet? It’s produced by and also stars The Rock, features numerous mega-lol moments, and has a largely black cast – which is always good news for any big new show (and should be the fucking norm rather than an anomaly, however positive it is). Disclaimer: I watched the entire first series in one go on a flight to New Zealand at Christmas. Another huge draw BUT OF COURSE NOT THE REASON I WATCHED IT is the extremely WOULD-heavy cast, including the flawed yet charismatic character of Ricky Jerret, played by Mr Washington here. Oh, what’s that…? You want to know if he is related to any other unbelievably sexy actors with the surname Washington…? Why yes, dear reader! Indeed he is… John David is Denzel’s son, and along with inheriting the family acting skillz, he also seems to have actually surpassed his father in terms of attractiveness. This feat alone would warrant him an entry on this blog, but the fact that he was also a professional American football player for several years is just the ball in the sack imho.

(Hey Kezza! For you xxx)

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