Chanel4Face: TREME(NDOUS)
Personality: CHILL
Distinguishing features: ERIC BANA-ESQUE VIBES
Attainability: MARRIED. SO NO

Obviously everybody who isn’t a complete fuckwit knows that Game of Thrones has the best babes in it. This one actually managed to snare Khaleesi – they even binned off the original actor who played his character because he suuuuuuuucked and also looked like something out of Gladiators in 1994 (probably called something shit like ‘Eagle’), and also he replaced Jason Statham in some film about guns. But whevs. Huisman came in and basically bossed it. No wonder Daenerys Targaryen went “fuck it, I’ma get me some of that”. A touch of Eric Bana, a smidgen of Michael Hutchence, and the weirdly compelling aura of David Ginola at his peak mean that this Dutch beauty is 100% compiled of fitness. Look out for him in Treme, Orphan Black, and various softcore porn sites too. I know I do.

(Happy birthday Kerry! Xx)

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