British actor Rylance arrives to attend the 2010 Laurence Olivier Awards in central LondonFace: IF COLIN FARRELL WERE FITTER
Personality: THESP
Distinguishing features: BEST STAGE ACTOR EVER?

Chances are, if you’ve seen any plays worth seeing in the last twenty years, Mark Rylance has been in at least a couple of them. Simply put, he is just phenomenal on stage. His presence and simmering passion is sight to behold, let alone how he makes one actually fucking feel. Although he has popped up in various TV offerings over the years, it’s only recently that he’s done a bit of a Cranston and is suddenly appearing everywhere. Currently, you can observe him as Cromwell in Wolf Hall, but the BEST news is that Roald Dahl’s beloved The BFG is being made into a movie by Steven Spielberg, and Mr Rylance has been cast as the eponymous benevolent behemoth. A sigh of relief all round, then. Crinkly-eyed and snaggle-toothed, Rylance’s sexual appeal is at once startlingly obvious yet subtly applied; but I know that you’ll agree that his charisma is overwhelming. Mega WOULD.

(Nick! Pour vous… Xx)

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