PENN-penn-badgley-22941679-691-849Face: EARNEST COFFEE SHOP BARISTA
Personality: CHILL
Distinguishing features: EYES LIKE AN ABANDONED PUPPY
Attainability: GOOD?

There’s just something about kind brown eyes and tousled dark curls that makes me feel all warm inside. Which is good news, seeing as that description essentially matches my boyfriend. If you aren’t fortunate or attractive enough or are too neurotic to have a boyfriend of your own, then you can make do with Penn Badgley, here. Best known for his role as the witty, Upper East Side outsider-slash-writer Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl, Badgley has dated some seriously hot babes IRL including former co-star Blake Lively, and Zoe Kravitz (before she started bumping uglies with Michael Fassbender, I assume). If you like your fake teenagers brimming with charm and with cheekbones like Toblerone, then Penn is the guy pour vous.

(For Vivienne – another one crossed off your list…..keep dreaming re: Ryan. Xx)

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