Dominik-Bauer_0701-730x948Face: ALPINE RANGE
Personality: SEHR SCHÖN
Distinguishing Features: CHEEKBONESSSSSSS
Attainability: DUNNO

Ahhhh, Germany. Excellent at producing cars, beer, and stable financial economies. The other thing they excel at is spawning massive, strapping, tremendously hunky men. Now, some of these men play sport – and very good they are at it too. Some of these men are destined for international business, and – surprise! – they win. But, some of these men are more at home on the fashion runways of this world, and holy sweet Jesus they are fucking obsceeeeeeeeeeenely handsome. Dominik here is merely one of them! There are fucking loads! I just picked him on a whim! But what a terrific example, ja? Ich möchte mit ihm Sex zu haben, over and over and over again. Guten Abend!

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One Response to DOMINIK BAUER

  1. moseleydeb says:

    ‘Picked him on a whim’ loving your turn of phrase and his pic, too.

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