dave-grohlFace: FOOF BITER (sorry)
Personality: ULTRADUDE
Distinguishing Features: MUSICAL POLYMATH
Attainability: MAZZAD

It is commonly agreed amongst the rock contingency that Mr Grohl is the nicest guy in rock music. There are many, many brilliant tales of Dave displaying his aceness, and a quick Google search will reveal all of these. He is also, despite looking a bit goofy, pretty damn sexy. He’s passionate, and vocal, and talented; and last time I checked, these things were some of the best things. He’s also improving remarkably with age. Now, I know you might not be a Foo Fighters fan (I’m not either), and you might not be a Nirvana fan, and you CERTAINLY aren’t a fan of those stupid cunts who go to massive Foo Fighters concerts in Hyde Park or wherever and smell of teenage boys’ bedrooms and clog up the tube all fucking weekend, but you are hopefully a fan of really nice guys who are vocal advocates of equality and gay marriage and donate money to AIDS charities.

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One Response to DAVE GROHL

  1. I got front row centre for their acoustic gig at the Apollo Victoria London a few years ( the warm up for the Hyde park tube clogger). Happy face. Even now 🙂

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