Harold_RamisFace: CADDYSHAG
Personality: AS GOOD AS IT GETS
Distinguishing Features: A WAY WITH WORDS
Attainability: SADLY DEPARTED

I’m absolutely gutted. Harold Ramis died last week, after a long and protracted illness. If you’re my age (thirty four), then Ghostbusters was probably a B I G thing from your childhood. I’m sure you had your favourite, it was probably Peter Venkman, the charismatic lothario. But my favourite was Egon Spengler, the introspective geek. This started a “thing” for me. A big thing. Ramis co-wrote the movie as well as starring in it, and went on to write and direct Groundhog Day and Analyze This (amongst many others) and didn’t do so much acting after that, save for the odd cameo. But, he always maintained a stronghold in my heart, and his comedic prowess will live on forever. You just cannot underestimate his influence on the comedy film makers that came after him. Rest in peace, Hazza.

(For me, and for Lizzie. Xx)

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