tumblr_m0wkisdKNe1rrdwy8o1_500Face: ANDY GARCIA’S LOVECHILD
Personality: DRIVE(N)
Distinguishing Features: MUSICAL TALENT
Attainability: DUNNO

You might not immediately correlate Oscar Isaac’s ace performance as a 1960s Greenwich folk singer in Inside Llewyn Davis with his Latino gangsta wannabe in Drive, such is the chameleon-esque quality of his work. And let me tell you, his look in the new Coen Brothers offering is seeeeeeeeeeeriously tasty. Beard, tousled locks, limpid brown eyes… The only thing that ruins it is that he plays a fucking folk singer, and that the soundtrack has the stamp of hefty-bodied, doughy-faced, droney voiced, Christian nauseoleum, personality-devoid, fuckface Marcus Mumford all over it. WAH. But whevs. Just focus on the WOULDness. It’s got Timberlake in it too, and Garrett Hedlund looks like he’d shag you in an alleyway. Awesome. Oscar Isaac – destined for BiG tHiNgS.

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One Response to OSCAR ISAAC

  1. Have you seen him in Balibo? The toussledness of Llewyn Davis but as a young revolutionary Jose Ramos Horta (http://www.smh.com.au/news/entertainment/film/commanding-lead/2009/08/06/1249350628983.html).

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