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Face: PLUG FROM THE BEANO Body: RRRRRRIPPED Arms: INCREDIBLE Personality: DRIVEN DRIVER Distinguishing Features: UNEXPLAINABLE CHARISMA Attainability: MARRIED Look, he got that body because he used to be a US Marine. A MUTHAFUCKIN’ MARINE!! And then he got injured in … Continue reading

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Face: GOSLING-LITE Body: I PREDICT A WOULD Arms: OH MY GOD Personality: DUDE Distinguishing Features: YORKSHIRE WIT Attainability: DUNNO? WORTH A PUNT INNIT Mate, I don’t even give a shit. I fancied him when he was carrying timber. He’s always … Continue reading

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Face: FABERGE EGG Body: HUSTON, WE DON’T HAVE A PROBLEM Arms: BOARDWALK EMPIRES Personality: SEEMS ALRIGHT TBH Distinguishing Features: FAMILY CONNEXIONS Attainability: NAH. MODELISER INNIT Fabulous thing numero uno: Jack’s aunt is Anjelica Huston who is one of the bestest … Continue reading

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