31-sebastien-tellier-marco-dos-santosFace: 1970S CULT LEADER
Personality: WEIRD
Distinguishing Features: CREATIVITY
Attainability: DUNNO. GET IN THERE MATE.

If you don’t know who this dude is, then listen to this. It’s probably his most well-known track and certainly one of his most beautiful. You may well also recognise him from his absolutely mental 2008 Eurovision performance, where he represented France. However, he is a wonderfully interesting and creative music-maker, and possesses a slightly sleazy sensuality only familiar to Gallic men. Bet he’s got some class APC garms strewn across his floor. Probably smells of cigarettes all the time too, like, but whevs. In fact, when I saw him perform live a few years back he put his cigarette in his nose and smoked that way so he could use his mouth for singing – DEDICATION.

(For beautiful Sarah: dance, dance, dance! Xx)

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