Apologies for the lack of posts recently, WOULD fans. I’ve been working very hard on my second business. Probably going to take over the world soon. Anyway, if you like models and you want to book some and pay them money, please check out our new editorial agency at

Film Title: CatfishFace: JEWTIFUL
Personality: BIT WEIRD
Distinguishing Features: GREAT BUSINESS BRAIN
Attainability: COULD BE ON TO A WINNER

I mean, ten years ago I’d have been saying ‘as if you’d fall in love with someone you met online, you fucking freak’, and although I’ve never succumbed to the (zero) allure of a dating website, some of my best and most brilliant flirting has been done via the medium of Facebook. So, I get that he was bedazzled by Megan. For me, it helps that my photos are extremely beautiful though. Also I am very charismatic. Anyway, I’ve talked enough about me. I wonder what Nev thinks about me? It’s likely that he’s heard of me – I am something of an internet phenomenon, after all. All I can do is assume that he’s soon to be in touch. He probably wants to make a documentary about me or whatever. That’s cool. I don’t have much time, but yeah — go for it, Nev.

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2 Responses to NEV SCHULMAN

  1. siobhanjc says:

    Do you watch the TV show of Catfish? He is really sweet on it and a romantic. His mate Max who is also in it has legions of female fans according to instagram who all describe him as a silver fox so he might be up your street?

    We watch the TV show as my husband is obsessed with it. Properly obsessed. Maybe because we sort of met online (but we met in person REALLY quickly after the online meeting)

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