al-al-pacino-31970340-493-610Face: HOO AAH!
Personality: THE GODFATHER
Distinguishing Features: SCARFACE
Attainability: NEVER MARRIED. HMM.

He’s the smallest actor in the world — FACT. Despite this, he has the loudest voice — also a FACT. Can you believe he’s only ever won one Oscar, despite being nominated for eight altogether? He won it for his remarkable portrayal of a blind army colonel in Scent Of A Woman, which also starred the watery-eyed non-entity that was Chris O’Donnell (what in holy fuck has happened to him?!). Yeah, it was kind of a vanity role which saw Pacino just basically show off and shout, as he has done in nearly all of his later roles, but it was still fucking mint. Might watch it this weekend. His earlier work displays prime WOULDness: check out Serpico for some supreme beard action, and The Godfather trilogy for excellent slicked-back hair and hard-heartedness.

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One Response to AL PACINO

  1. Aggy says:

    for top level pacino adorable watch 1973 film Scarecrow. I looooove him!

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