Charlie-charlie-hunnam-20098511-500-603Face: VIKING
Personality: S’ALRIGHT
Distinguishing Features: DREAMY PECS
Attainability: GOT A BIRD

He’s come a long way since the Byker Grove days, eh? Physically, if not professionally. Fondly remembered by many as baby gay Nathan in the seminal Manchester-based drama series Queer as Folk in the late-nineties/early-noughties: a teenage character on the cusp of his sexual peak who was seduced by the darkly charismatic, slightly older Aiden Gillan and then bummed on a regular basis. It. Was. Mint. So, so sexy. Since then, young Charlie has popped in and out of televisual consciousness, but we have never forgotten his fitness levels (high). These days he is looking better than ever, AMIRITE? All a y’all need to keep praying for a cameo in True Blood or something because I think I need to see him in the same scene as Alexander Skarsgård. Yes, naked. Obviously! Dickheads.

(For Han, and everyone else who requested him. Xx)

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2 Responses to CHARLIE HUNNAM

  1. Bernadette says:

    Ha. How funny that your dream of a naked Charlie is about to come true. A whole movie about BDSM! Better than a True Blood cameo.

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