Actor/Director Peter Mullan Picture by David Gillanders © David GillandersFace: TWINKLY LITTLE WALNUT
Body: WIRY
Distinguishing Features: AWESOME TALENT
Attainability: DON’T KNOW

If you have ever seen Trainspotting, Shallow Grave, Tyrannosaur, My Name Is Joe or the Red Riding trilogy, you’ll know that Mullan is an absolutely phenomenal actor. He is also a very brilliant director: watch The Magdalene Sisters for evidence of this. The charisma he exudes is so intensely direct, that it’s easy to see why he was cast as Matt Mitcham in Jane Campion’s fantastic recent BBC2 series, Top Of The Lake. His character is a horror — controlling and dark and aggressive. Yet, there is a humour within that shines, something that was essential to the role and something that made it chillingly wonderful. He is talented, witty, self-aware and very intelligent. Yeah, I’d go there for sure.

(For Kim. What are we going to do now?! Xx)


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  1. How do I get a ‘grant’ to write a story?

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