tumblr_m4rg1aIj6A1qaaogho1_1280Face: POSH YOOT INNIT
Personality: SEEMS SOUND
Distinguishing Features: VOICE
Attainability: DUNNO

I can’t even fucking name a single track by The Maccabees, but because I am both incredibly shallow and also completely dedicated to you, reader, I noticed this complete joy of a face a looooooong time ago. Decided to bump him up the list a bit, you know how it is. He looks divine in his little hipster outfits, which is handy because all girls love a sexy front man. And he doesn’t seem to care much about his sartorial choices: even sexier. He has a brilliant voice and all that, but yeah — I’m just too esoteric and intellectual to listen to music these days. I prefer to put the sound of a clock ticking on a loop and place it next to my ear when I’m working. I’m sure some of you younger readers will have gushed over this dude for years, so count yourselves lucky I deigned to feature him. Yeah?

(For you, Lizzie. You are amazing. And so are you, Ms Elly. Xx)

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