ayrton_senna+%282%29Face: A HEAD FOR BUSINESS
Distinguishing Features: CHARITABLE VIBES
Attainability: REALLY DEAD

I can’t think of anything I’d like to watch on TV less than Formula One. Cricket. Maybe cricket. But car racing though! Christ it’s awful. Seriously awful. Sorry, car nerds. Your hobby fucking sucks. And all the current drivers are so unbelievably banal. Ayrton Senna is the only person related to Formula One or any sort of car racing who has ever piqued any sort of interest from me. Apart from Tamara Ecclestone — did you even SEE her wedding photos? Looked like a billion-wasting mega LOLfest! Dude, seriously. But Senna, man. He was the one. What a beautiful man. He also donated millions and millions of dollars of his fortune to charities to provide help and aid for poor children in his native Brazil. Nice. Apparently he was the greatest car driver/thingy to ever live, but I’m not the best person to ask, to be fair. Do you honestly read this blog for the facts?

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One Response to AYRTON SENNA

  1. Beth says:

    May I suggest Formula 1 has also brought us the beautiful jawline of Mark Webber and the 70’s playboy James Hunt.. Oh, and the desire to spray a magnum of champagne (clearly not a ‘would’ but something I’d like to ‘do’!) x

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