122-nick-caveFace: HENRY’S DREAM
Personality: COOL, LAZARUS, COOL!
Distinguishing Features: UNTOLD CREATIVITY

I know he looks like a gravedigger from an Edgar Allen Poe novella, but this man is so brimming with vision that he is transformed into an ethereal, other-worldly, superbeing. He is a singer, a musician, a writer, a composer, an actor, a director, and probably some sort of scientist or something. As the front man of both the Bad Seeds and Grinderman, he cuts a dashing figure. As the brains and fingers behind some of the most hauntingly brilliant songs of the last few decades, he is practically unrivalled. Newer projects have included writing screenplays, such as Lawless, which was a bit dry and had Shia LaBeouf in it, but also starred Tom Hardy looking fit as FUCK so I watched it anyway. He will keep creating for ever and ever until he carks it. Good, innit?

(For Rebecca, wife and lover to Chinless. I will miss you at Shitsville. Xx)


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