936full-peter-dinklageFace: DIMPLETASTIC LION
Personality: NONCHALANT
Distinguishing Features: AMAZING HAZEL EYES

I’ve had a bit of a thing about Dinklage since The Station Agent, where he excelled as the introverted Finbar McBride. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s a deeply sweet film, with some mega performances. Peter has worked solidly ever since, thus regularly fuelling my uber-crush. See him in Nip/Tuck, Elf, the forthcoming X-Men film, and of course as the charismatic and compelling Tyrion Lannister in the excellent Game of Thrones. It is as Tyrion that he has truly become a household name, for this is a dream role: Heroic, flawed, tortured, repressed, and at once kind and dastardly. But ultimately, Tyrion is a modern-day playboy stuck in the body of a man who would never be king. Dinklage is so, so ace in the role (despite his dodgy accent at times). As well as his talent, he has the best eyes and dimples this side of Casterly Rock. Basically, he’s a dude.

(For Lizzie, and Lizzie. TEAM TYRION. Xx)

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2 Responses to PETER DINKLAGE

  1. Liz McMahon says:

    This Liz wants to join Team Tyrion too x

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