goran-visnjic-photo-u1Face: PRACTICALLY MAGICAL
Distinguishing Features: BALTIC HUMOUR
Attainability: MARRIED, BUT A BIT OF A CAD?

Croatian men are well hot. And TALL. Eric Bana is half-Croatian, for starters. One year whilst working for my mate’s festival in Croatia, I locked myself out of my hotel room because the lock was a bit dodgy. The caretaker of the hotel came to fix it, and he was 6’5″, about thirty five, built like some sort of Norse god, had a face straight out of Arena Homme+, was super funny and nice, and tanned to fuckery. I basically went into a sex trance. My lock “broke” several more times that week. Goran was one of the best things about ER, and is still indelibly etched into my consciousness as the deadly-but-SEXY Jimmy Angelov in the great Practical Magic. He’s massive, and very, very, very good looking. Do you need more? Well, he campaigns for PETA, supports small scale medical causes in his home country, and we can see more of him in the forthcoming adaptations of the Dragon Tattoo books. DA!! (that means ‘yes’ in Croatian).

(I’ll dedicate this one to my sis, she loves Practical Magic. xxx)

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