mainImageFace: THEROUX LA LA
Personality: NEEDY GIRL
Distinguishing Features: GOT GROOVE

You might not have heard of Chromeo, so if you haven’t I suggest you watch this. And then also watch this ACE video of them jamming with Daryl Hall which is the best thing in musical history aside from when George Michael teamed up with Aretha Franklin. Dave 1 (aka David Macklovitch) is the Jewish half of the Jew/Arab dance music duo from Montreal, and is like a younger version of Louis Theroux if he dressed in American Apparel or Tom Ford and sat in hipster New York coffee houses with his legs crossed in that perfectly louche way. Me and my mate went to a music festival in Reykjavik a few years ago and on a day trip to the Blue Lagoon, we encountered Chromeo in the sauna. I sat in between the two of them in my bikini with a rictus grin on my face. Dave (my Dave) is tall and lanky and has got a BRILLIANT laugh. Now watch the Daryl Hall video again ‘cos it’s so fucking cool.

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2 Responses to DAVE 1

  1. siobhanjc says:

    I love this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDG0c3saE4I

    I love it a little bit too much

  2. Emma Jay says:

    There’s no such thing as ‘too much’, dude.

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