tumblr_m5txc52q1J1ryaxdbo1_500Face: SEXY BASTARD
Personality: FUCK KNOWS
Distinguishing Features: HAIR TENDRILS OF LURRRVE
Attainability: DATING CO-STAR?

Fuck yeah this is another Game of Thrones entry. Have you even SEEN how many sexual beings are in that show? I mean daaaaaaamn. Here, I present to you Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow. Yeah, obviously not that Jon Snow. This one is the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark (played by Sean Bean — he of the one and only accent), and traipses around in the snow looking like a fucking awesome wolf-thing with snowflakes gently settled in his frosty hair. He’s been a bit of a drip in the previous seasons, but season three looks set to show Monsieur Snow in a more manly light. He’s properly beautiful, with more than a touch of a Charlie from Girls vibe about him. Dark, dark, intense eyes; framed by delicate ebony curls, and paired with the lips of a female eighties supermodel. I mean, if I don’t see some Jon Snow shagging action soon then I might stop watching. NOBODY wants to see Alfie Allen’s cock again FFS, yeah?

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