liev-schreibe-broadwayFace: CARNAL
Body: X-MAN
Personality: CULTURED
Distinguishing Features: SHEER MASCULINITY

Oof, he’s a manly one, alright. Mr Schreiber is a hunko-chunko superman, who excels at both acting and directing. His upbringing was a mix of Pennsylvania paternal upper-class money and liberal maternal Polish-Jew hippie experimentalism. His mother took him to live on an Ashram as a teen and his exposure to high-end literature and other artistic endeavours has left him erudite, intellectual and fascinating. Plus he’s got a chest like an antique wardrobe, which is always a massive bonus. An extremely visible role in the hugely successful X-Men Origins: Wolverine as Sabretooth brought in the moolah, but it is as a well-respected stage actor that Schreiber has excelled himself. Saying that, I’d prefer him to be in a movie than a Broadway show so that I can see him more often. I mean, it’s only because the jet is at the mechanics, kna mean…

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