MaxIrons-LofficielHommes01Face: JEREMY JUNIOR
Personality: RED RIDING GOOD
Distinguishing Features: ANGEL MOUTH
Attainability: PRETTY SWEET

Cop a load of this fitty — he’s the twenty seven year old son of Jeremy Irons and Sinead Cusack (spitting image of both of them, right?!) and is a star on the ascendant. Starring in last year’s Red Riding Hood and looking gorgeous, he’s now on the big screens in some godawful looking tosh called The Host written by that overgrown frustrated teenager who’s responsible for the Twilight Saga. Baby Irons looks so awfully handsome in it that I’ll probably go and watch it anyway. Yeah, I’m THAT shallow. So, what can we expect next from young Max? Well, hopefully some juicier roles and possibly some more sex scenes (or just…any sex scenes?), and ultimately I’d like an invitation to the Irons family home for dinner sometime. Is that too much to ask FFS.

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