billy-kidd-Paul-Dano-580x748Face: LITTLE MISTER FUNSHINE
Arms: PUNY
Personality: EXCELLENT
Distinguishing Features: INTELLECTUALLY SUPERIOR
Attainability: GOT A GIRLFRIEND

There is something mesmerising about this one. I know he’s unconventional looking, but what’s convention anyway? It’s BORING. Mr Dano is kind of wonky, and kind of girly, and looks all lanky; but his soft, beautiful eyes and lovely melodic voice are absolutely compelling. He is astonishingly good at acting, and despite a plethora of truly wonderful supporting character roles, he is yet to carry a big budget movie…but he easily could. Beloved of independent cinema directors, Pauly is a fabulous choice for any role where he plays a weirdo. Having said that, his recent turn in the charming Ruby Sparks, as a wunderkind novelist who writes about his dream woman (who then physically materialises) is sweetly kooky and by no means dark (unlike his creepy and thrilling dual role in There Will Be Blood). I want to see him take on a larger role in a brilliant, bigger film – he will be the star of the show.

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One Response to PAUL DANO

  1. Kathryn says:

    YES! I love him – even in Little Miss Sunshine when he was probably inappropriately young!

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