Richard-Madden-richard-madden-30948851-585-628Face: STARK
Personality: AMBITIOUS
Distinguishing Features: STAR ON THE UP
Attainability: GOT A MISSUS

OK, yes, this is another Game of Thrones thing; but listen, right, you NEED to watch it. There are literally tons of sexy, masculine, blood-thirsty, sexually deviant men. Ricky M here plays Robb Stark, son of Sean Bean and member of the House of Stark (who are ‘sort of’ the good guys. Although there is no-one particularly good). The Starks get to charge around looking dead fit in tons of layers and grappling with wolves and shit, and Robb is set on VENGEANCE and GLORY. Tousled of hair and swarthy of physique, Mr Madden is earnest enough to convincingly portray this fantasy heir to the throne. It’s so mint when he gets all angry. Series three is about to start, so I suggest you get ready for it like I am. *summons dragons*

(And yes, the delectable Kit Harrington aka Jon Snow is coming soon…)

(For Katie – who looks like some sort of model/queen/goddess herself. Xx)


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