Mississippi_Burning_stills_9435Face: GOLDEN LION TAMARIN
Distinguishing Features: FANTASTIC VOICE
Attainability: OFF LIMITS (MARRIED)

He seems dead cool, Willem Dafoe, doesn’t he? Seems like a nice chap. I like nice chaps, I do. Plus, he’s incredibly well-read, intelligent, and seemingly very open to challenging himself within a massive variety of acting roles. I like watching him on screen in everything from his sensitive and compassionate turn as a heroic sergeant in Platoon, to his liberal FBI investigator in Mississippi Burning, to his creepy/camp turn as the Green Goblin in Spiderman. His monkey face is weathering the turning of time pretty damn well, and in fact he is becoming more distinguished looking by the day. I’d like to go round an art gallery with him looking at pictures, then go for a delicious coffee afterward and talk about post-modernism and stuff like that.

(Denise! Here y’are, love. Xx)

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One Response to WILLEM DAFOE

  1. sew2pro says:

    Yes. I was put off for many years though after his creepy turn in Wild at Heart.

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