mary-2005-07-gFace: MEMPHIS BELLE-ISSIMO
Personality: SANGUINE
Distinguishing Features: A TRULY EXCELLENT HEAD OF HAIR
Attainability: LONG-TIME WIFE (AND KIDS)

If there’s one thing you can say about Modine, it’s that his hair is absolutely magnificent. Sprouting, seemingly effortlessly, from every millimetre of his perfectly intact hairline, it’s unlikely that Rogaine(TM) will ever be a fixture in his overnight wash bag. Yay for virility! Super tall, super trim, and aging like a dream, Mr Modine has long been a lust target — specifically in Pacific Heights where he made that big ole house look so damn PURDY. What a shame the chinless wonder that is Michael Keaton had to fill it with cockroaches and all that stuff. Anyhoo, Matthew is also a very well respected stage actor, so if you feel like you haven’t seen him in as many films recently, that’s why. A fine return to the silver screen in The Dark Knight Rises last year made me feel super buzzy; not least because he has started to turn silver round the temples — mmmmmmmmModine.

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One Response to MATTHEW MODINE

  1. Vivienne says:

    He’s a classic looker allright. Always liked this guy & only the other day I was wondering where he’d been. 🙂

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