1511716_640pxFace: FOREVER TEEN
Arms: MINI
Personality: SWEETHEART
Attainability: MARRIED

It’s the nostalgia thing, innit. I mean, in the eighties he was just so dreamy. He had that compact little body, and those booty-hugging little Lee jeans, and his skin was as unblemished as that of a unicorn foetus. Admit it, you kind of fancied him as the wolf in Teenwolf too, didn’t you? Pamela Wells was such a fair-weather love interest. She didn’t really get him; not like I did. Obviously the red puffa gilet of Back To The Future is still his most iconic look — and one now beloved by New York hipsters who grind their own coffee and go ‘hiking’ (walking for fifteen minutes) in the Catskills at weekends. Now fifty one and a tireless campaigner for research into Parkinson’s disease (after being diagnosed with it in 1991), Micky J as Marty McFly is still indelibly seared onto the retinas of anyone who was a child, ever.

(For Kim – welcome to the ‘hood! Xx)

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One Response to MICHAEL J. FOX

  1. EV says:

    LOL! I remember being the only soul in a showing of Teen Wolf(my 2nd time watching it). MJF was just ridiculously cute. *sigh* *swoon*

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