20120618-olof-mellberg-a-szamkivetett3Face: VALHALLA
Arms: ODIN
Personality: GENTLEMANLY
Distinguishing features: WELL RESPECTED IN THE GAME

So, let’s just do a little comparison, shall we… British footballers (obviously with the exception of Beckham, who is a man-god) = racist, cheating, ugly, and ridiculous. Swedish footballers = blonde, beautiful, bearded, resemble Nordic gods, reliable, and capable of flying (probably). Hmm, I wonder who would be more likely to know Alexander Skarsgård: Olof Mellberg or John Terry…? ONE WAY FLIGHT TO SWEDEN, PLEASE. Like I know anything about football, but Mellberg is a competent player who doesn’t act like a douchebag. Thus, I like him. He has a beard. Thus, I fancy him. And get this — he is embroiled in a well-known, long running feud with Freddie Ljungberg. Just imagine them having a fight. Imagine. I’m imagining it right now, and I tell ya — neither of them are wearing clothes.

(For Sarah and Frida – God bless the Swedes. Xx)

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One Response to OLOF MELLBERG

  1. Beth says:

    I’d like to see that fight. How can we make it happen?

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