33l2v5xoaym6178n02aoFace: NEPTUNE
Body: TAUT
Personality: OPEN
Distinguishing features: EXTREME SEXXXX
Attainability: GO FOR IT, LADS

This un-bel-iev-ably beautiful man is my current model obsession: just look at that wonderful bone structure. A fascinating character, the divine Mr Shaw is an author and musician as well as a model, and once upon a time was a gay porn star. I seriously need to check out his cinematic back catalogue, because as a younger dude he was a Richard Gere in Days of Heaven-resembling SUPERHUNK (just Google him). Fortunately blessed with the kind of face that merely becomes even more handsome with age, Mr Shaw is presently in demand as a fashion model; and what a refreshing change this is. I have long been enamoured with the idea of models of all ages being seen in the pages of fashion magazines – it’s certainly what I want to see – and here is a brilliant example of slightly older male beauty that runs rings around some of the prepubescent innocents that you see on the runway these days. My god, I bet he’s got some stories… I want to meet him.

(Thank you to the totally ace Chris Floyd for alerting me to the fitness of this man. Xx)

To book Aiden as a model, click here.

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