936full-rock-hudsonFace: TRIBBIANI SENIOR
Personality: TORTURED SOUL
Distinguishing features: LIPS WORTH IMMORTALISING
Attainability: NOW AT PEACE

Oh Rock, you poor old sod. The fucking Hollywood machine kept the true Roy Harold Scherer Jnr hidden for so long, forcing you to live a lie for decades. Yet, if it were not for your brave public admission that you were dying of AIDS at the tender age of fifty nine, the call to find a cure for this terrible disease might have taken even longer. Partly thanks to Rock (the first major celebrity to publicly die of an AIDS related illness), awareness about HIV was targeted and people were able to see for the first time that anyone could catch it. But, before his tragic early death, Hudson was one hell of a man — six foot four inches of absolutely beautiful sheer masculinity. His legend lives on, and his impressive cinematic work is enough to ensure that he will ever remain in the big leagues. Rock on, dude.

(For Sooze: good choice, my friend. Xx)

To support the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, please click here

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One Response to ROCK HUDSON

  1. Beth says:

    In my dream world, I’d like to have my hair ‘done’, wear gloves that co-ordinated with my hat and handbag and hang out with Rock Hudson – just like Doris Day! That I can barely co-ordinate socks, and handsome Rock is both gay and passed are details that do not enter my dream world! x

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