jamiefoxxFace: FOXXY LAD(Y)
Personality: TIT
Distinguishing features: MULTI-TALENTED
Attainability: THE SOLOIST

He’s been on the list for ages, but I do like to save things until they’re topical so that I get the most attention I could possibly get. And seeing as how everyone’s raving about his performance in Django Unchained, we can use this as a means of glossing over the fact that he’s a bit of a bellend. His face is gorgeous, though; with those incredible almond eyes, and a dusting of cocoa freckles across his noble nose. There’s shot at the beginning of the film where Foxx’s character (Django) is seen in close-up profile. There’s something majestic about his bearing – something regal – which made him perfect to play this proud, partially emancipated man. Outside of work, Foxx is mainly a professional playa and loudmouth. I mean, fine — if that’s what you like then go for it. I just fancy him ‘cos he’s FIT.

(For Joe and Georgie. Could do a wrestle to the death to see who wins him? Xx)

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One Response to JAMIE FOXX

  1. Timmy says:

    Shhhh…..whats that? I think that little birdies heart just skipped a beat.

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