Michael-Ball-One-Step-Out-Of-T-520040Face: DIMPLETASTIC
Personality: SUPER NICE
Distinguishing features: MUSICAL THEATRE LEGEND
Attainability: LONG TERM PARTNER

You need to understand something: as a child seeing the stage show of Les Miserables for the first time, I couldn’t believe how wonderful Marius was. How dimply and smiley the actor was, and how heartbreakingly tragic his beautiful solo song was. It was ever thus that Michael Ball would be my all-time favourite famous Michael. Yeah, sure, there are the predatory sexual deviants Fassbender and Hutchence; the crinkle-eyed, kind and charming Palin; or the boy-next-door appeal of J. Fox; but NO-ONE is as intrinsically affable, good humoured, capable of giving superb hugs, and dramatic of voice as Michael Ball. His Radio 2 show is fucking fabulous, and his Eurovision performance in 1992 is still one of my favourite things EVER. Check out the backing singers, think they just finished work in the local travel agents.

(For Hannah – for she too knows that Marius > Everyone. Xx)

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3 Responses to MICHAEL BALL

  1. Hannah says:

    I love him. Black! My World when she’s not theeeeere!

  2. Hannah says:

    Also, HOW did I not know about the Eurovision thing? Incredible. Incredible.

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