Port-Ferrell-01Face: BABOON-ESQUE
Personality: LAUGH-A-MINUTE
Distinguishing features: FUNNY FACE
Attainability: MARRIED WITH KIDS

Look — he’s Buddy the ELF, yeah? ELF, FFS. Bringing joy every Christmas to millions of people! What’s not cool about that?! I mean, OK, you don’t want to get all festive with Buddy himself per se, but Will Ferrell is a dude and is definitely on my list. I don’t care what you say, he’s got appeal: he’s tall, he’s funny (very funny), he’d have you in stitches all day long, he HATES Justin Bieber and George Bush, he’s easy-going, he’s not afraid to make a tit of himself, and he produces Eastbound & Down. Get. In. He might not be your classic Adonis, but who cares about that? There’s a lot to be said for laughing ’til your face hurts… Merry Christmas everybody, you’re all so beautiful.


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