Personality: MENTAL
Distinguishing features: GEETAR SKILLS
Attainability: CHOKED ON HIS OWN VOM. SO, NO.

Well, he was pretty much a wack-job LSD casualty by the time he carked it at the too-early age of twenty seven, which is kind of a bummer. But before that, when he was this absolutely incredible musician with a legendary sex appeal . . . well, that was really something. Combining a preternatural talent with a raw-edged sexual allure, Hendrix was part of a new wave of performers who positively simmered on stage. Allegedly blessed with a mighty schlong, young Jimi was no stranger to the charms of the rock groupie and some completely mental psycho-nause made this plaster cast of Mr Hendrix’s knob (so she says). As you can see, it is an ULTRA-PEEN. Bear this in mind when casting your vote.

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