Body: TRIM
Personality: GENIAL
Distinguishing features: NICEST FELLA ON TV
Attainability: NEWLY MARRIED (AWW)

Lovely, lovely Dermot. What a delightful presence he is on our televisions. Happy, charismatic, kind, warm, witty – the list of his charms is long; and there’s probably a good reason why no-one ever has anything bad to say about the guy. Cheekily sarcastic enough not to be saccharine, Dermie’s twinkling eyes can reassure even the most hysterically sobbing X Factor reject (although how he manages not to laugh is beyond me). Let’s face it, he is completely family-friendly, yet possesses enough of a sardonic edge to keep even the most cynical of us interested. He’s sartorially sharp, non-threateningly cerebral, ready to laugh at himself, and would probably be an ace person to get pissed with. Lucky new wife. No really, whevs. Happy for her. Seriously, whevs.

(For Jamie Bull, may you never be without a onesie xx)

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