Personality: ARTY FARTY
Distinguishing features: DISARMING SMILE
Attainability: MODELIZER

Incubus? Not a fan. Brandon Boyd? YES PLEASE. Fucking beautiful. And he can write, and sing, and make art, and be intense, and all that. You know, all those things that make me feel funny. He’s probably a right bellend that drones on about existentialism or some shit, but I’ll forgive him that for his darkly enigmatic beauty. Unfortunately for most of us, dear Brandon only seems to date models — reeeeeeeeeally hot models at that — so don’t get your hopes up, yeah. Perhaps they are very cerebral models . . . you never know. Anyway, I know for a fact that he had dreadlocks at one point, so you could always use that as a tool of bribery.

(For Alara, who actually does look like a model and would therefore qualify as a potential Boyd-date xxx)

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2 Responses to BRANDON BOYD

  1. Thought you’d been losing the plot for the last couple of these, but you’ve raised the bar again, sterling work

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