Personality: CHEEKY
Distinguishing features: THE FINNEY EYE TWINKLE
Attainability: ON HIS THIRD WIFE

Have you ever seen Saturday Night & Sunday Morning? If not, watch it immediately. You won’t believe how brilliant it is; it’s by far my favourite Finney film, and it’s a masterpiece of British cinema to boot. Finney is spectacular as the selfish and rambunctious Arthur Seaton — a young factory worker from Nottingham who is merely out for a good time. Girls, booze, fancy suits, and capers galore are all primary concerns for Arthur. Finney exudes confidence, and much like his winning lead role in Tom Jones, the character of Arthur is incredibly sexy without relinquishing his cheekiness. Salford born and raised, Finney has the Northern sardonic humour thing going on like no-one’s business, and his withering looks are pyar Precinct innit — luckily for him he’s escaped that dump (sue me) and is still creating some fabulous work.

(For Tedwin — albatross and general nause xx)

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