Distinguishing features: BROODING INTENSITY
Attainability: GET LOST (MARRIED)

Sometimes he looks like he’s swilling a handful of marbles around his mouth, kna’ mean? He’s got a sort of weird mouth thing going on. This doesn’t detract from his overall extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme attractiveness though — quite the contrary. This tall and dashing Englishman is responsible for many a sleepless night amongst the ladies and the gaydies of the world. Because, you see, he’s got that strange quality that Clooney has (and even Beckham has) where women and gay men want to bed him; whilst straight men want to be him. He’s debonair, and beautiful — but not too beautiful — manly, yet sensitive. Just the right amounts of each. What a fucking wanker.

(Heeeeeeey Greg! Pour vous! xx)


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2 Responses to CLIVE OWEN

  1. girlieq24 says:

    Sigh, wanking, yes. Would! He was so good in Closer. Well, everything he does really.

  2. Vivienne says:

    A slice of perfection perhaps?

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