Personality: BONKERZ
Distinguishing features: PIERCING BLUE EYES
Attainability: HELL YES, GET IN THERE

I absolutely love this kid. It’s his 21st birthday today and he’s modelling in New York City at the moment — OH, HOW TOTALLY SHIT FOR HIM. He’s unrelentingly joyful, gleeful and beautiful, and always happy and quick to laugh. He drives me totally crazy, but like a labrador puppy you just can’t fail to love him. He’s literally always in a sunny mood, and it’s completely infectious. He loves to snuggle, loves to talk for three hours on the phone about how to gut fish, and loves to pull his trousers down in the middle of H&M. The first day I met him, he brought a home-cooked whole stuffed roast pheasant with him in a tupperware box and ate it with proper cutlery after our shoot — he’s as mad as a box of frogs, seriously. He will be a star, so remember the name. He’s my friend, my muse, and he’s ace! Love ya, Coops. Happy birthday babes.

(To book Alfie as a model, see here!)

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2 Responses to ALFIE COOPER

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    *giggles* You had me at Pheasant.

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