Personality: LUVVIE
Distinguishing features: HUMUNGOUS EYES
Attainability: DR WHO?

When I was eighteen, I worked in a pub in rural Essex frequented by the type of misogynistic braying cunt that would drink seven pints of ale and a whiskey chaser and then drive home in their merrily mud-splattered Range Rovers, weaving through the hedgerow-lined tiny country roads with scant regard for the lives of pheasants or foxes. As well as those lovely bucolic people were the McGann brothers — Steve and his then wife lived in the same town as me. When his big bros came to visit, my shifts would perk up considerably. I mean they’re over-the-top actor DAHLINGS: loud, and incessantly and flamboyantly gesticulating and enunciating for e m p h a s i s, but man Paul was sexy. His enormous peepers were so beautifully framed by those long lashes and his gently curling tresses. Positively angelic, he was.

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2 Responses to PAUL MCGANN

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    Never noticed it before, but in this pic he reminds me of my ex.

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