Personality: SLIPPERY
Distinguishing features: THAT VOICE

There’s a touch of the creepy about Gillen, but that’s kind of why I like him. He often plays real wanker-types but he does it with such serpentine charm that you end up sort of rooting for them. In Queer As Folk, his arrogant portrayal of Stuart was pret-ty fuck-ing hot — I can clearly remember my little sister getting a bit hot under the collar over this one… A smooth Dublin brogue and some luscious dark curls go some way to furthering his appeal, but mainly it’s that sexually deviant and defiant stare that gets me going. I bet waiting staff in restaurants get all giddy when Gillen’s about. He’s got that quiet authority vibe about him. Ooh he’s a naughty one.

(Dedicated to HanBan xx)

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2 Responses to AIDEN GILLEN

  1. M.S says:

    Brilliance all the way through. He is a real dish.

  2. Merle Brown says:

    in The Wire, there was an element of creepy about him too…played a complete wanker inessence, but kinda felt sorry for him at times? Weirdy!

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