Distinguishing features: PROMISING TALENT
Attainability: DUNNO

About ten years ago, there was this ace Aussie TV series called The Secret Life Of Us and Joel Edgerton played a character called Will. It was sort of like This Life but for Australians. I fell in love with his weird little face; with the eyes that are sorta too small, and the nose that is sorta too piggy. When he starred in Animal Kingdom (brilliant Australian film) a couple of years ago, we were reminded of his fantastic screen presence and talent. Those quietly seeking blue eyes are just magnetic on camera. Soon he’ll be inhabiting the role of Tom Buchanan in Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby, and it’s casting that I’m looking forward to indulging in (even if they fuck up one of my favourite books ever . . . which is unlikely). Check him out. Cheekbones like a Tyrolean vista and an Antipodean sense of humour — you gotta love this guy.

(For Elaine — lover of weirdness xxx)

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