Personality: CHILLED
Distinguishing features: *COUGH*
Attainability: DUNNO

This blonde Aussie dreamboat was probably my dream man in the mid-90s. Flaunting his perfect body all over Calvin Klein billboards and causing car crashes and eye-bulging galore, Mr Fimmel was what you might call ‘fairly attractive’. Resembling a Californian surfer and/or a much better looking Brad Willis from Neighbours, Travis was the face of CK underwear and a highly successful model and now has turned his considerably beautiful hand to acting. I’ve not seen him in anything yet, and he’s probably shit. But thankfully the guy is blessed in many different ways: not least of all his incredibly impressive body. Hewn from the smoothest amber-toned crystal, his abs are a visual reminder that the gym is there and that your membership is paid for, lads. So… you know.

(For beautiful Amy, kitten enabler xx)


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2 Responses to TRAVIS FIMMEL

  1. I remember him, from being the screensaver of my youth! Don’t think I had even been particularly focussed on his massive willy in my sweet naivety. Thank you for bringing my attention back to him.

  2. Vivienne Berryman says:

    *blushes, looks away quickly whilst fanning face*

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