Body: TAUT
Personality: LAUGH A MINUTE
Distinguishing Features: GOOD FAMILY GENES

Yep, it’s true: there isn’t just one Franco to lust over. In fact there are three: Tom Franco is also lovely but sadly isn’t a megastar (although he is just as creative). Dave here, youngest of the three, is busy carving himself a career as a fucking beautiful little cherubic lust-target — sorry, I mean ACTOR — and surely will end up as successful as his older brother James (first ever WOULD post, doncha know…). See him in the recent 21 Jump Street, as well as Scrubs where he has a recurring role. Brought up by hippie academic parents, Dave is artistic, literary, intelligent, witty, laid-back and quick to laugh. Sounds like a keeper to moi, eh? Plus, you know, think of the family get-togethers.

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One Response to DAVE FRANCO

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    Looks moody as hell. It’s a No from me.

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