Personality: CULTURED
Distinguishing Features: NOSE
Attainability: LOOKING GOOD

I do love a sexy big schnoz on a man. Especially on nice, tall, elegant men. So good to have a bit of character, non? And Brody’s nose is certainly magnificent in all its broken-three-times glory, resting resplendent under those soulful hazel eyes. A wonderful — yet woefully underused — actor, Brody remains the youngest male ever to win an Academy Award (at the age of twenty nine, for The Pianist). Born into a liberal, arty family in Queens, the young Adrien showed promise at an early age and so off to acting lessons he went. Yay for him. And yay for us too, because now we get to see that beautifully weird profile up on the big screen. He is also a very talented musician, an intellectual and articulate speaker and interviewee, a well-renowned fun-loving dude, and is the new face of Prada Menswear. Ding!

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3 Responses to ADRIEN BRODY

  1. Gala says:


  2. Was a fan says:

    Too bad his eleganc and character don’t translte into decent taste in women. All he seems to date last few years is young bimbos. Latest one got him all sorts of press getting his ass washed in public. Not so classy. He doesn’t seem to be the guy he acts like in public. So unfortunately personality: cultured should be personality trashy when referring to the ‘private’ Mr. Brody.

  3. Vivienne Berryman says:

    Nice guy. Reminds me of Vincent Cassell.

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