Distinguishing Features: VOICE LIKE CHOCOLATE
Attainability: POSSIBLY SINGLE?

Phwoaaaar. He’s properly good looking, Hartnett, innit? Like a fashion model. Kind of shouldn’t work because the eyes are too small, and the chin too perfect, and the skin too smooth. But it – he – absolutely does work. He’s not been around onscreen much recently, but fear not, dear Josh – I have not forsaken you. Quite the opposite, in fact. I have made it very easy for you to call me up and tell me you’re coming to live with me, I have a spare toothbrush you can have and we can drink Manhattans in the garden. I mean, it’s all set up: I’m happy to talk about Barack Obama and literary authors, and, you know, wear beanie hats and stuff, and all that other gubbins you like. Just pick up the phone, man.


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