Personality: GEEZER
Distinguishing Features: GRUFF CHARM
Attainability: MARRIED

He can only do one accent (his own), but that’s OK. I mean, multiple accent expertise is not essential for an actor seeking world fame — just look at Sean Bean. Raymond looks and sounds like a bear with a thorn in its paw but this uber-gruffness is what keeps us hooked. Because, dear readers, he is a right man. A proper dead manly MAN. So manly, in fact, that you can’t even really imagine him being a young lad — even though there is cinematic evidence of this. I bet when he goes out for dinner he just has raw steaks with a peppered testosterone sauce. I bet when he orders a drink he has a pint of whiskey with some rusty nails in it. I bet he smells of Aramis and Ronseal topped off with a top note of leather.

(Laura, this is for you babez xx)

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3 Responses to RAY WINSTONE

  1. Lustful Crone says:

    Oh yes. And what about Sean Bean in his glory days? And dead hottie Robert Mitchum? And French dead hottie Jean Gabin?

  2. Vivienne Berryman says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha. Great description. Not for me though.

  3. Merle Brown says:

    I interviewed Ray Winstone once for paper I worked for – feel in love with him then, still in love with him now. An amazing hour of my life, hehe. I was like a teenage schoolgirl who’d just met her boyband idol

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