Personality: POSITIVE
Distinguishing Features: ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT
Attainability: GOT A MISSUS

Seeing as it’s the first ever proper Men’s Fashion Week(end) in London at the moment, our nation’s capital is swarming with beautiful and excellently dressed males. To celebrate, today’s post features one of the country’s hottest male models. Mr Carew has been stealthily forging a very successful career for himself, grabbing world class campaigns for Hermes, Reiss, L’Oreal, Etro and Swatch (to name but a few). As well as all this, he has found the time to co-create a new charitable brand called Mercy & Wild, an eco-friendly T.shirt label with a percentage of proceeds going to a chosen charity (at the moment, it’s Dyslexia Action). He’s strikingly beautiful, with a kind soul to match, and no doubt will be gracing editorials for years to come. Oh, and he’s an ex-chef who loves Marilyn Monroe. Perfect.

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One Response to ISAAC CAREW

  1. Vivienne Berryman says:

    Deffo Elvis-Lite. Interesting chap.

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